ya im having a tough time coming up with lyrics, i can come up with actual music just not words. IM the guitar player in my band, and our singer cant write (if he does its goofy and irrelevent) so i tried to write something...not really sure about an opening or intro so maybe ill start with the chorus (IDK Sh_t about what im doing lol)

Not blind, but i cannot see the light
Take control, of my mind and shut out the night (maybe fright, nah too corny)

NO place to hide
No shelter in sight
NOw im out in the dead streets
to fend and fight for my life

some feed back plz...go easy on i literally just came up witht that a few mins ago...
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Not bad. A good start. Keep at it.
"I am a remnant of the Forever Origin"

"The forest of October sleeps silent when I depart
The web of time hides my last trace
My blaze travel the last universe
Like the sights of magic
Wrapped in aeons
My mind is one with my soul"

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sounds like a good start
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It's not really so much about the lyrics, actually. It's about how they are sung. A good singer can make the most simple lyrics seem like delicate, articulate poetry. Look at the black keys and the pixies.
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