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Read the title, I was too lazy to search for it (prepares for searchbar jokes)
Mine was a First Act ME310 it was a piece of crap but I got good with it and it was from Toy's R US.
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****ty knock-off strat called a "Renegade" bummed it off a friend to learn, then got my Ibanez
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A Vantage strat knock off.
Sold it for more than I paid for it after I bought my SG

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Some piece of crap my parents got from Sears. I learned a lot on that guitar, so I'm not too ungrateful.
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Ibanez GSA60, droped a burstbucker in there.

For the price that was a GREAT guitar, the build quality was astounding.
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I had a Yamaha acoustic from the 1970s as my first guitar. It was pretty cheap, and both sounded and played like **** but hey, I was 8 or so and really wanted a guitar.
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A '59 Les Paul.
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when i was 7, my grandma bought two crappy 3/4 scale acoustics for my brother, which he gave me the crappier one which I played for a week and then shoved in the closet. The first guitar i truly learned on was a epiphone SG Special.

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Some kinda Peavey thing that I rented.
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Knock off strat called Gigsby.

Set it on fire and dropped it from a 50ft monument a few weeks ago, by the river... then proceeded to throw it in the river.

It was this:

Had to climb up it with the guitar cellotaped around my waste, rofl.
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a stagg. who the hell has ever heard of stagg. it sucks but it never goes out of tune.
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A Yamaha EG 112C2. I actually still play it every now and then.
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take a guess

hint : username

another hint: Ibanez ......dumb****
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A fender acoustic

edit: still play it
grok it.


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a knockoff strat from Silvertone... I still have it....
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Silvertone acoustic. I still have it. It rarely goes out of tune and sounds great. Only problem is that it's 3/4 size.
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Am I the only one that didn't hate their first guitar? I loved my OLP I wish I still had it the only reason I got rid of it is because my hands had grown too big for it. (the money went towards a sweet a Vox AVT120 so I don't miss it that much)
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Ibanez starter pack, i dont know how to play anything, i wish there was a step by step guide and not just stupid random lessons, does anyone know a good teaching site? Coz i wanna learn
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Quote by Davo Ownz
Ibanez starter pack, i dont know how to play anything, i wish there was a step by step guide and not just stupid random lessons, does anyone know a good teaching site? Coz i wanna learn

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A 3/4 size cheapo Accustic from Oddesessa, I still have it, though it's been spray-painted black, left in the rain throwen in a river & rattles like all ****! But if i'm asked to take a guitar to a party or I decide to take one camping or whatever I take it cause my other accustic is 30years old & was my grandfathers & the only amp I have for my electrics is a 200watt full-stack
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hagstrom classical guitar - it was my dad's old one which he gave up. he freaked one time when he walked in on my practice and heard me playing angel of death. win.
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a fender starcaster.. it's br00t4l
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What do you meen?
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Epiphone Accu-bass, still have it... can't say I play it much with two fenders sitting around....
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My jackson Rhoads
still the only guitar I have and its doing me good
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Alvarez ED8

now its my dads while I just bought a Yamaha FG700S
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Quote by FlyingV666
My jackson Rhoads
still the only guitar I have and its doing me good

Holy hell, first guitar? You lucky son of a gun. I got a Squier Strat. I'm surprised no one has said that so far.
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Squier Stratocaster. Black and red with this funky lookin' pickguard.

It served me well.
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3/4 nylon acoustic with horrible intonation that my dad had lying around for a very long time. I got a Yamaha Pacifica a couple months after starting.
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first bass i got was a J&D LUTHIERS JD 250 and first guitar i got was a ESP LTD EC100QM
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this exact package. They changed the look of the guitar slightly. Even though my main guitar is my Epi Les Paul, I'll break this guitar out from time to time if I am playing a song that requires single coils, like Yellow Ledbetter or Hunger Strike. I find that even though it was an average beginner guitar it sounds perfectly fine when I play it through my new amp.
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A Yamaha RBX270 bass guitar.
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some old classical guitar of my aunts, now currently playing a legend acoustic.yet to get an electric.
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Quote by shadow__666
A '59 Les Paul.

Of course your first guitar was a '59 Gibson Les Paul (those Standard are worth around 420 grands today) ....I believe you /sarcasm

Mine was an Epi Les Paul Special II...

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First Bass was a Legend, first electric was a Legend Strat, first acoustic was an SX electro-acoustic. I still play the bass and electric. I haven't updated my bass yet and I love that Strat...
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