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candy apple red squire. thats the made in indonesia kind, not the fancy made in china kind.
I have no opinion on this matter.
squier strat pack cant beat it for the price!
ok maybe you can. but still it was ok
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My cousin, who actually sucks at guitar, received a $1400 Gibson LP Studio as his first electric guitar. When I was down in florida visiting him, I brought my Epiphone SG Special (my first guitar). Needless to say, I pwnt his ass with a guitar that cost 14 times less than his guitar that he could hardly play.

/end of rant
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Some sort of red Strat by...I wanna say "Olympic?" Dunno, I never learned to play it, so traded it for a Karerra bass that I never learned to play, either.

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My cousin, who actually sucks at guitar, received a $1400 Gibson LP Studio as his first electric guitar. When I was down in florida visiting him, I brought my Epiphone SG Special (my first guitar). Needless to say, I pwnt his ass with a guitar that costed 14 times less than his guitar that he could hardly play.

/end of rant


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i dont even know what it is its a crappy accoustic thing my grandpa gave it to me
and my first bass was some ibanez my uncle gave to me
My blue Pacifica that I'm looking at right now.
That I like to play more than my Epi Dot and my Jackson.
A black, Cruise "created for VMI." No idea what the hell it even is, some company that went out of buisness 30 years ago or something probably. Google turns up a small-time company that makes Bass guitars, but this isn't a bass or a strat. See profile for pics. Its still my main guitar... I'm a noob v_v
Epiphone Les Paul Custom, alpine white with gold hardware.

I modded it a little bit and still play it today
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Some ****ty Jay Jr guitar (but I only payed fifty bucks for the guitar, soft case, new strings, tuner, staff paper, and this little lesson book thing) I got it from my ex boyfriends sister who never played. Then I got my BC Rich Warlock from the same ex boyfriend (please don't make too much fun of me for it) And now I have the BC Rich but also a semi electric acoustic Yamaha from the seventies which I absolutely adore!
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i got a yamaha FD-02 acoustic. which i still have (and is a pretty good starter-intermediate guitar)
then i borrowed a behringer strat from a friend for a month. and then got my Epi.
Epiphone Les Paul Classic
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Sqiuer Tele Custom
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Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster
Marshall DSL 50 with 1960A
seems like a lot of people started with strat copies.... i am no different, it was an encore starter pack, came with 15w amp etc. no doubt it was from argos, how rock n roll is that!
\_/ <-------this is my cup of care, notice how full it is

A DeVille Les Paul copy. The black with 'gold' hardware looking one(2 pickup version). The 'gold' has come off most of it now, so it looks really gash. It feels alrght to play, but it sounds like having sex with a camel feels. Probably, I don't actually know what sex with a camel feels like.

I've had it for almost 7 years now, but I gotta get the neck glued back to the body (a year ago my dad knocked it over and the neck broke off at the glue. I cried.)

My first electric was an Epiphone G-400 (SG copy) which I had purchased at a pawn shop. I paid a little more than it was worth but I cleaned it up and fixed the pickups and sold it a couple years later for as much as I had paid (could have sold it for more, but I gave my friend a deal because he's, well, my friend).
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Epiphone Les Paul Jr. I gave it to my girlfriend after I got my Silver Sister Fender Strat. Now I'm saving to buy a JAckson WRMG Warrior
Some old red classical guitar that I stole from my music lessons.
I will soon perish from this lethal injection called love.

Ibanez GRG 170 DX. I loved it more than i did my epi LP later on. Sold both to get myself a RG550
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first acoustic: Ibanez V70
first electric: Washburn WI66PRO
First guitar was an acoustic from Argos lmao. Came with a small booklet that i learnt a few songs out of. A month later i got an electric guitar - an Axl Telecaster. I fell out of love with that within a few months and then got a Jackson V.
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my 1st guitar was a b.c rich warlock i still have it but for x-mas im getting the epiphone les paul custom p90! =] cant wait its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo purdy!
A Left handed Westfield Strat copy, cost me about £80 6 years back. Served me well to this day. I'm sat with it on my lap now, in fact. It doesn't really hold standard tune so well, so i've resorted to tuning it to Eb and just using a capo. Whatever works....

Although that's just down to the fact i'm too poor to get a new guitar. Not that i'm good at guitar but even so.

My Hog:

She's served me well over the years.


EDIT: My bad for the huge picture. I can't be bothered resizing and reuploading to photobucket.
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Squier Precision Bass Special in Antique Burst (LH)
Rotosound Swing 66s, 45-105

On slapping on a bass:
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Some really cheap $200 Fender Strat that was a gay gold-ish colour..


A Squire strat. POS that thing haunts me to this day.
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EDIT: My bad for the huge picture. I can't be bothered resizing and reuploading to photobucket.

You can resize them in photobucket...

I can't be the only one to have started on a Pacifica...
a stagg telecaster

i still have it.

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Knock off strat called Gigsby.

Set it on fire and dropped it from a 50ft monument a few weeks ago, by the river... then proceeded to throw it in the river.

It was this:

Had to climb up it with the guitar cellotaped around my waste, rofl.

Tri Force?

O_o, where is this?

Edit: had an encore strat, still play it every now and again
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My first acoustic was a blue "Guitar" brand guitar off E-bay for 31 dollars. The action on that thing was like a solid 5" from the neck at the bottom. MY first Electric was a squire strat.
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EDIT: Some no-name PoS bass....with terrible action and a bowed neck.
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2 of the tuning heads have come off, i plug it in, it gives feedback...
awww yeah

A used les paul special 2. It had an ebony finish and a rosewood neck.

But with more black on the edges.
Incredible finish, shit guitar.
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
Schecter C1-FR

my dad bought me a guitar when i was a lil kid but i didnt have much interest in it then and i have no idea wtf it was. some 3/4 scale strat knock off.

also my dad really pushed me to buy a quality guitar at first, mostly because it will sound better, play better, and i will keep interest alot longer (as if i couldnt still be interested with a squire ).

I love my guitar I dont see us ever parting ways. I will sell everything else i have before i sell that baby

I got this guitar for my 7th christmas. I didn't seriously start playing until about 4 years ago. If only i had dedicated myself to it instead of videogames and lazyness...
Knock off strat from '' for something like £70

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