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a ****ty "ariana" strat knock-off. But i took it apart and painted it, took screws as replacements on my guitars now, etc.

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Epiphone Les Paul 100 in ebony. Still have it alongside my Jackson!

Gibson Les Paul Studio Ebony/Gold
Jackson RR5 Ivory w/Black Pinstripes
Epiphone Les Paul 100 *For Sale*
Yamaha FX370C
Marshall AVT150HX + AVT4x12
my first guitar was a gibson strat copy? i'd never be able to find a picture of it. it looked exactly like a standard fender strat, with a red body and white pick guard, 3 single coils, all that jazz. but on the truss rod cover, it said Gibson. not the gibson logo, but just regular letters like this:
I had a no name piece of **it that my mom bought off of a guy on the 20 dollars she ever spent on me.....
First an ancient Off-brand acoustic that my grandparents pawned off on me. I never played it, the wood was all warped and it sounded horrible.
Then I got a First Act ME-something Les Paul copy and actually started playing.
Still have both guitars o_O

1983 Kramer Focus 1000.

Loved that guitar.
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My first guitar was a Greg Bennett formula. Hated it so i traded it in for a Washburn.
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The first guitar i truly learned on was a epiphone SG Special.

Me too! I had it in black
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1983 Kramer Focus 1000.

Loved that guitar.


i had a squier strat.


This little f*cker right here. It doesn't stay in tune, the action is ridiculously high, the pickup selector switch came off, the frets buzz, and still I learned how to play anything from Smells Like Teen Spirit to The Trooper on this little bitch.

Now I play through my dads vintage Epiphone Olympic Classic. Not good for metal, but it works better than that piece of crap SX.
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Wow...just wow

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Alvarez RD-10.
It's a real p.o.s, but I still play it. Had it for 5 years.
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my squier starter pack acoustic is the only guitar ive had for the 5 years ive been playing. i play the **** outa that thing, ive hitched hiked with it...
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Epiphone Les Paul Special II. Lowliest of the Epiphone instruments, but quite the weapon of rock for a newbie such as myself.
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first electric: A (fake?)gibson les paul jr i bought for $50
first acoustic: A Taylor 314-CE, acoustic electric
first guitar i built: a RR24
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First guitar: This classical acoustic.never used it much but im starting to appreciate it much more,with fingerpicking and classical and all.

second guitar: Squier strat i bought in 7th grade.Hated it.

third guitar: Guild electric,strat shaped.Dated back to 1980-1984.My dad bought it at a flea market and wanted to sell it. I learned pretty much everything on that guitar,and wrote my first songs on it.Im contemplating selling it and buying a Jackson RR3 with the money,along with a couple pedals for my rig,but im not sure if I have the heart to part with it.

One part of me wants to buy the RR3,especially sine it has 2 seymour duncan(not duncan designed) humbucker on it while my guild has 3 active single coils,which i hate changing the batterys on it.They drain so fast. Other part of me wants to keep it and not get the RR3. And eventually(years) mod it.

Fourth guitar: Classical acoustic my grandpa gave me days before he died last year. Im not parting with it. Ever.

Fifth guitar: Takamine Acoustic Electric bought at a flea market. Im going to end up selling it.
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A sunburst green guitar off QVC

It'll do me, although the bridge is wonky and the neck is annoying.
a 20-something year old Aria AC-8 concert guitar
still play on it
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Crappy Silvertone Revolver. The action was super high and unfixable, the neck felt weird, it came out of tune with one hit of the strings, and the p/us were pathetic, but for all it's faults it still got me to where I am now. <3

I gave that thing away a long time ago and got myself a real guitar and amp.
lol. Squier Mini Strat. that guitar was pwnage. lmao.
i played on that for a few months and than i said **** this and bought my ibanez.
than said **** that and bought my ESP. lol. sadly enough my squier is still in myposession, and still intact. its a miracle :P
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First acoustic: Peavey acoustic pack.

First electric: ESP Ltd F-50. Made pretty badly. Volume knob kept falling off, tuning was good tho.
My first guitar ever was a Conn acoustic.
My first electric was a real piece of crap called a Cimar.

i mean, WTF is a Cimar?
Ibanez GIO, covered in a tribal design the previous owner had to of done with white-out.
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Ibanez V-Series

I hate acoustic guitars without cut-away >_< how on earth is a person supposed to play the last frets :p
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A Yamaha FD01, i'm playing it right now actually
Godin Velocity w/ Schaller locking tuners
Ibanez RG7321 w/ Dimarzio Crunchlab & Liquifire
Seagull Coastline S6 Burst GT QI
Random Ibanez Bass

Blackstar HT-5 Head
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