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Generic Strat ripoff... Lyon by Washburn. :P
I sued Delta Airlines, 'cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey, I went there, and it SUCKED.
Squier Strat. Pretty bad but good to learn on. And if keep it, you can get a bit of practice fixing action/pickups/harmonics etc before you do so on your good guitar.

(i wish)
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I hung out with a lot of idiots when I was younger and I knew if they had the chance they'd fuck me over in an instant. One day they did. Lesson learned.

An alright Lucida acoustic, still have it and still play it...
I have nothing unique or funny to put here.
The same one I use now, a Fender Starcaster. Cheap is good.
My Martin LXM that I still have. It's great.
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I guess that the rebellious, strong guy is more appealing than the guy who worships the ground you walk on and would take a bullet for you.

Cordoba C5-Ce
Martin DX121
Martin LXM
Ibanez S520EX-> Weeping Demon Wah-> Roland Cube 20x
Epi LP 100 through a Crate V30. I love my parents
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
EHX Metal Muff
Peavey Valvking 112
Boss ME-50
Holy Grail Reverb
Well my first bass, not guitar, was an IbanezGSR200FM. Bought it from a pawn shop and bummed a begginners bass amp from the 80's from my uncle. But now i have teh IbanezSr505 =))))
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Yeah, you definitely raped his churches and burned his women.

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Forgive the bluntness, but what in the chucklefucking hell is this?
First Act Acoustic.
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
Chea_man is the best.
a samick strat knock off, i learnt a few solos on it depsite the 21 frets.
do you love...ARSIS
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i believe you may be our saviour
all hail lordllama!
An Epi Les Paul Standard. I still have it and its a guitar that treated me well but because it was my first guitar i ****ed around with it a lot. The bridge is a bit screwed up (yes a tune-o-matic) and i also put in an emg 81 so the wiring is completely out of wack. All this and the fact that i haven't changed the strings on the thing in like 1 1/2 years makes me reach for my smooth, slick, and sexy Jackson Dinky most of the time now.
Jackson Dinky DK2L
Epiphone LP Standard
Yamaha Acoustic
Bugera 1990 w/ Peavey 2x12 cab
ibanez acoustic
"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo."
ibanez rg120.

i still have it at home. in fact it's about a foot away from me right now. it keeps me occupied when i come back here and i'm away from my schecter.
Go Veg.
1979 Zapp Les Paul copy. I still have it, needs the intonation worked on but otherwise it plays pretty good.
3 year old thread, dude.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
An unbranded cheap, plastic wood Lidl nylon string guitar. I still have it and it served me well (kinda).
Squier bullet strat, first 6 string guitar.

Squier bronco bass, first bass.

I actually started out on bass, but then ditched it after a year.
An Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty. Decent guitar, still have it.
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Washburn A20V 1984, it was a horrible first guitar sense it had more than i could handle which included a locking tremolo, locking nut, and some very dirty pickups which didnt sound that great playing in my high school jazz band it in 1990, it finally fell apart and died around 1998...

first day i got it...i knew nothing about tremolos and i literally popped the springs on it and it made such a horrible sound through the amp...