I've got a upgraded Epiphone 335 (black) for sale. Its got new pickups by Fat Tone and new pots and switch. The tone knob for the lead pickup has been bypassed for tone reasons but the rhythm is still active. I believe theres a few small dings on the guitar but none of them are that bad, didnt even go past the clear. Along with the work the guitar was setup PERFECTLY (IMO) so the guitar is in Tip-Top shape. I put about $220 into the upgrade. Also included is a HSC with Straplocks and a nice strap.

I can get more info apon request, I don't know much cause i had a friend at the music store do the work.

Im looking for $550 plus a flat $20 for shipping BUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER!!!

If theres a Red circle that means theres a small blemish.



Fernandes Vertigo

Got this used and i just don't like it. its not my thing. Its in pretty sweet shape over all but theres a few small blemishes that you will see in the pics below. One is on the headstock and it looks like it just got dinged up againest something. Second is right by the neck, this is a TINY CRACK IN THE PAINT ONLY. NO damage to the neck at all.

Looking for $125 plus a flat $20 for shipping BUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER


PM with offers or questions.
You're only a little bit younger than me.

I've been dating my girlfriend for 2 years, I love her to death, but I'm not planning on asking her to marry me anytime soon. It's not that I wouldn't want to, it's that I'm way too young.

But anyway, back on topic... The Fernades doesn't have the sustainer does it?
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ya i understand, to each his own. We have been very blessed the last few months as far as finances go so i've made the choice to go for it but i still dont wanna go broke buying the ring lol.

No it dosnt have a sustainer. feel free to make an offer.
Wow, if your birthday is correct on your profile, you are younger than I am. I couldn't imagine getting married at this age. I couldn't imagine it for 5 years at least.

I would buy the 335, but I just bought a new guitar last week. Damn it!
If you're a hot chick you've probably got a good chance with the lead singer or guitar player, If you're a little bit overweight, you should probably go for the drummer. If you're a dude, go for the bass player
Good Luck with the engagement and everything mate. BUT: Hopefully your girlfriend isn't herself interested in guitars and the forum. That would prove to be a rather awkward 'spoiler' for the awesome proposal you have planned... Actually, come to think of it: Do you know how you are going to propose?
didnt you just have thread about this git??? Isnt a Dot only 399$ brand new?
thanks everybody!

MRJJAR: I had it posted once PRE-upgrade but since I had work done on the guitar it's worth alittle more.

Make some offers people!!
dude, you're younger than me. no offense, i love the idea of me staying with my girlfriend forever, but as much as i want to get married now, i DONT want to get married now haha, confusing i know.

after looking at your profile, i assume you're a good Christian couple, loving it, me too!! but have you seriously thought this through?

idk, maybe its me, i have a better job than most people my age right now, $13.60/hr, ive been blessed by that.

but with work and school, getting married would be life-altering!! oh and my g/f is 16, but she's extremely mature. hmm, anyways good luck selling and with your marriage!!

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How's that hill treating you? I'd hate living on a hill. Newayz dude, gl on the proposal mate. Honestly though your chances of making it work are quite slim. Hope it works out for ya.

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