I remember back in 2004 or 2005 I stumbled upon and read what was apparently Bill Corgan's diary/autobiography on his site (billycorgan.com I believe it was, not the current fansite billy-corgan.com).

I remember it was pretty long and there were stories about when he was a kid, how he would buy cigarettes for his dad, his experiences in school, with his brother, growing up, teen years, etc.

I've been trying to get my hands on these but searches for "billy corgan diaries" returns some fan-made parody (much shorter too) which is hosted on the smashing pumpkins fan site, which I even remember reading back then.

Just wondering if anyone has ever read this short autobiography or knows if it still exists. I knew I should have copied them; I was even thinking of but I was too lazy to do it.

If it helps, I remember the front page of the site was Billy on stage (you could kind of see his face), he was wearing black and I believe there was a drum machine next to him. I think the background of the stage was some kind of light setup (I remember the colours pink, blue, and purple). The entire site was black, with grey or white text.


Edit: I meant "Diaries" in the title
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I remember it, he wasn't very nice about the other members of the Pumpkins, that's for sure.

Yeah, Billy Corgan was always a really big douche.
I don't remember a lot of what I read, I know there were a few chapters about how he lived in some abandoned building and they would have band practise there or something (at least I think, it's all pretty hazy).
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I don't remember a lot of what I read, I know there were a few chapters about how he lived in some abandoned building and they would have band practise there or something (at least I think, it's all pretty hazy).
The band rented a garage for practice and Billy lived in it.


I did some digging and found it.

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Lol this diary entry just abit down from the top reads like something out of /b/

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