so i have $150 store credit from guitar center. i want to get a distortion pedal, but the one i want is the MI audio crunchbox, which isnt sold at Guitar center. i dont know what to do, should i just get some other distortion pedal at guitar center? i have narrowed it down to a boss ds-1 or a metal muff, but i would rather have a crunchbox. wtf do i do!?
check GC website, look under USED, search for the Crunch box. If you find one, but it's in a store too far for you to drive, don't fret, give that store a call and ask if you can buy it and get it shipped. Give them your gift card number and address and such and your set.

Trust me, I've done it before, they're usually pretty good about it.

and if you can't find the Crunch Box: DS-1, or DS-2 or MD-2
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sell your 150 to someone else for cash and then procede to buy it offline?

i think the store credits under his name.
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i think the store credits under his name.

actually its under my fathers name, but its still the same idea.
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i think the store credits under his name.

wouldnt matter i wouldnt think? my friend mike gave my other friend his store credit and it worked just fine?
what type of amp do you have?

actually, it doesn't even matter.

just buy a delay pedal.


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