How many hours a day do you practice/play?.. on average I play 1-2 hours but occasionally I play for 3-4 hours.
Well when i was startting i didn't take it seriously... so like 30min within 2 days i guess ?

Then i startted to become, Well better and enjoying it like nothing else i played like 4-6 hours a day sometime's (Afcourse you'll get blisters )

And nowadays, I practice maybe like 2-3 hours a day, Since i practice enough with my band

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some days i dont play at all infact i can go a week w/out playing and the weird thing is after a week of not playing i thinkii sound better... idk why...usually i practice 30mins - 2hrs.. if im learning new material or jamming with my band i can play 6+ hrs a day
not as much as id like!

i used to practice heaps
but now im doin my VCE and **** and its hard to practice as much as id like....i used to play like 5-6 hrs...now its like 3-4

Not nearly as much as i should... Sometimes I don't even pick up my guitar. I've achieved the skills I want and I know I should work on them even more.. But sometimes it just seems ridiculous. I play all sorts of music form fusion to jazz, blues, rock, hard rock, classical, all kinds of metal, neo classical. I've practiced almost every practical technique under the sun... Now I just pick it up and write when im bored... I need some help :/
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3-6 hours average. varies a lot

Wow! A new way of giving the AVERAGE?
At first, not much. But since the beginning of the summer I've been whoring the guitar, probably 3 hours over the summer and on weekends still and 30min to 1hr during the week (depending on how much HW i have)
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Wow! A new way of giving the AVERAGE?

shuddup . some days a play 8 hours and some days i play half an hour so its hard for me to tell lol.
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