so i'm on the market for a new guitar and i was thinking an american strat because i like to play bluesy hendrix, clapton, frusciante, funky styles. what i really don't know how to decide though is about the type of guitar neck that would be better for me... how do the types c, d, and v differ? what does it mean that the C shape is more "rounded?" does that mean the back, palm side of it is more rounded or is it talking about the shape horizontally along the neck?

i currently play an LTD ESP H100, what type of guitar neck is this? i have pretty big hands and like the thick frets, but does anyone have any recommendations? thanks
It's talking about the palm side of the neck. Different people prefer different shapes, try them all and see what's comfortable.
I don't know about the ESP, but I'd guess a C or D shape.
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Actually, ESP mainly uses U-necks.

whats a U?

and yea, i need to get a feel for the different shapes, but what types of shapes would typically be wide-necked and with thick frets? what type would be straight and thin?