I'm thinking about buying a Fender Vintage Reissue 65 Deluxe Reverb Guitar Combo Amp, but I'm kinda afraid to because I don't know ANYTHING about tube amps. I've played one before at a friend's house and I accidently touched one of the tubes and OMG THEY ARE HOT! sO, I'm just wondering if they will ever get too hot and just burn out after a couple of hours of use.
Yes they are hot. No they won't burn out from a few hours use. A few years sure, a few hours? No.

I've played my amp 2-6 hours a day for at least a year. Tubes are still fine.
No, they shouldn't, you gotta remember these thing can definitely take a couple hours as is shown by many bands using them for 2 hours straight, whether for practice or even for some performances (not usually concerts, but sometimes). They do get hot, but they're meant to be, they're designed to take that heat. They do burn out eventually, but usually its over a span of months, possibly years if you don't drive them too hard.

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no they wont burn out after a couple hour's use. It takes much longer than that for them to wear down, and when they are do, they are easy to replace. So buy the tube amp. It'll be well worth it in the end
The tubes will wear out after a year or two and are easily replaced. The amp itself, properly maintained, will last essentially forever.