im gonna get a new guitar soon and just wanted some really general information on on a good guitar for rhythm and a little bit of lead playing.
so feel free to just list some guitars u guys like and maybe even some pickups kuz the ones in my old guitar are dying

thx in advance
playing what? how much you got to spend?
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price i dont really care i just wont pay ridiculous amounts

and i dont tend to play much metal or anything like that i just play general rock (foo fighters etc.) with a bit of alternate and punk but i dont want a guitar that is completely useless for lead and metal

just heads up i want a really good quality guitar and ill pay quite a bit just i was saying im not gunna pay ridiculous amounts like $2000 up
Ridiculous to you is totally kool to other people. A $900 guitar was once very much in my price range (a splurge, yes, but it was there) but now, I can't afford 75$ pickups. How my life has gone down.

Anyway...where were we...oh yea, whats like a max budget. Just something like $500-$750 maybe? $1000-$1500?

EDIT: Too late, nvm...oh well. You really have a wide pick of guitars at that price. You're pretty much looking at anything except a fender (not that they're useless for metal, I'm just saying).

A really nice epiphone? A decent Ibanez? Its up to you, but you'll get something good at that range.

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im in australia
so when im saying like 2000g its about somewhere between 1200-1500 us
and yea i want to send a quite a bit on a guitar kuz i want it to last quite a while
the maximum amount i wanto spend is about 1400 US
also if it helps im currently playing on a peavey bandit 112 and if i had to chose a guitar style it would be something along the lines of a les paul