Hi guys,

I`m thinking of buying a second guitar around january when I'll travel to the States. Anyone got some experience with these two guitars? You could suggest some other guitar as well though...

btw. I'm using a dv-8r right now that has a 25 1/2 scale, would it feel awkward playing on shorter scale? 'Cause I'm going to keep playing both of them.

The Dean

I would recommend the Ec-500. It plays fantastic, has good pickups, and is visually much more stunning IMO.
Plus it would be comfortable to sit down and play with, and that's a plus right there.
It shouldn't feel awkward playing on a shorter scale. I switch from my 21 Fret guitar to my 24 fret guitar and also play bass, so it's not that hard to get used to.
I would also recommend looking at some possible jacksons or perhaps Schecters or Ibanezes, as it seems to me that you play metal.
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That LTD blows the dean out of the water, I mean, the dean even has a 2 star rating.

I love me some LTDs, and the EC models are among ESP's finest.
I was liking deans for a while , but they seem a little over priced. Go with the Esp....?