Finally, a Crowbar thread! For all things Crowbar, what you think of them, what the songs mean, intresting info and what the lyrics mean to you personally. Anything.

If you like Down but haven't herd of Crowbar it's worth checking them out as it's Kirk Windstein's (guitarist of Down) older band. I can't promise you'll like them as although they are similar to Down they are also different in many ways.

I recommend: "Empty Room", "The Lasting Dose", "Time Heals Nothing" (about the real suicide of a former band member, very moving) and if you like soft instrumentals check out "In times of sorrow".

If theres a thread for Crowbar already I apologise, I couldn't find it!
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after hearing Heaven and Hell were playing here (NZ) with DOWN supporting, my uncle (an avid metalhead for over 30 years) borrowed me CD of Crowbar material

it was killer sh*t, all balls and no bull