OKay, this summer I will be putting on a show with my band (me=guitarist, drummer, bassist). It will be played in a small venue on a college campus and we've NEVER played live before, so we want to sound excellent. Here is the equipment that we already have...

1) 1 electric guitar combo amp (90 watt Solid State Fender Deluxe 900)
2) 1 Electric guitar (Fender)
3) 1 bass guitar
4) 1 Bass guitar amp (i can't remember what kind)
5) Peavey PA system (only 2 speakers, 75 watts in each speaker)
6) 1 Sennheiser mic, 1 other mic for vocals
7) Drum kit, of course
8) Livewire instrument cables
9) Livewire microphone cables

So, what do you think? Are there any other things that we need? We are basically trying to get a good live sound, just like if you were at a rock concert. We don't want to sound thin.
Sound check without micing the amps will be difficult to judge the volume.

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