Hi, can anyone recommend me a fast, easy shred solo?

Ill try and explain what i'm after a bit better. I enjoy playing metallica solo's, but recently i learned the slash godfather theme, and the fast parts of that were so easy compared to metallica solos, as the next note is always in just the right place, with lots of hammer ons and pull ofs, so it is not very difficult but sounds good, and feels natural, unlike the metallica solos that i have learned that are all over the place, and while not that fast, are quite difficult to master.

Any recommendations would be great, thanks.
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what style do you want?
would u prefer a peice with hammer-ons and pull-offs?
or would you prefer a peice similar to a scale? with no hammer-ones and pull-offs?
notes that are not all over the place.

i've got two songs to reccomend.

the intro for "Colorado Bulldog" by Mr.big

and Technical Difficulties by Racer X.

they're both by the same guitarist though.
Thanks, ill try those two. I like the faster Slash solo's, but their not consistently fast, i also like buckethead, but would not do my self the dishonour of thinking i could possibly even attempt to play any of his solo's. I would prefer a peice with hammer ons and pull offs, something that is quite 'scaly' but that sounds good.

Thanks again for your advice
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Unholly Confessions by avenged sevenfold, raining blood by slayer and angel of death by slayer
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Thanks guys, that Technical difficulties is awesome! Exactly what im after, matches my level of skill perfectly. Challenging, but definately do-able. I feel that anything by buckethead will be a bit to hard, but any other recommendations would be great, thanks.
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