alright im applying to get into a music course at a technical college

theres a 5 minute audition, but **** me, i have no idea what to play.

has anyone else had an audition to get into a college/uni and what did you play? what would be a good suggestion?

roc? metal? blues? classical? alt? jazz?

original? cover?

thanks for any help possible
try and write your own song instead of using bands songs. they are more likely to let you in if u do that.
jazz or classical is the most common ones, and they will probably call out a key or scale as well to test your knowledge, just the heads up

but i good ability to improvise and play what you play well will get u in
thanks so far

i did plan on playing a shred solo over the top of bucketheads "white wash"

siound good or bad?

Do something technical with a nice sense of melody. Cliffs Of Dover, as the guy above me suggested, would be perfect.
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If you really want to impress them, lay out a basic chord progression, then solo over it. Make sure when you do though, you really emphasize the chords played with your solo.
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Use a looper for the chords, woop. Maybe give a brief but casual description before starting?
"1-5-6-4 progression in key of G, improvised solo..."

something like that lol.

Edit - Try being like this guy! - (damnit cant link youtube cos im in college, search youtube for "tender vibes" its by a guy called bluesy13)