Hi there guys, as the title suggests im looking at what headphones i should buy?

Looking to spend between £60-£100. Also, if you are going to make suggestions, please could you select only the headphones from this website? (www.guitarampkeyboard.com)

Its cos i will be getting the headphones on finance along with some other gear.
Will be using the headphones with my pod x3 live
thank you for response I was looking at these, these and a pair of AKG 240 MKII.
Not too sure which to get

Worried about the "collapsible" function on the sennheiser's as i want it to be nice and sturdy.
Lucky you. Although they are semi-open, AKG MKIIs are awesome and the minute amount of sound leakage won't matter if you're going off the Pod. It makes for good casual listening too, and AKG headphones in general are great at hanging on while headbanging.

You may want the 271 if you plan on recording acoustic guitar though.
Also, if you can, get a few spare cables (mini-XLR to 3.5mm) just to be safe. They do come with one coiled and one straight.

The Sennheiser's good too. It's a bit heavy on the head, but it's comfortable.
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