Anybody think much of the Low end PRS's Guitars? I was thinking about getting one and I have not decided yet so give me opinions please! Peace Out...
My mate's brother has a PRS Tremonti, it felt great the time he let me give it a whirl.
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I have played the floor models at GC...not sure of their names. One was like a Semi-Hollow, the other had P-90's, and the other was just a regular old PRS with a bolt on neck and dot inlays. All were around $500, and I wasn't too impressed. Would honestly rather have a MIM strat or something.
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cheap are ok but remember.... YOU GET WHAT U PAY FOR

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they may be ok, but as chriskent4687 said, you get what you pay for id just either save up for a higher model or go for something else (shecters are $500 or so and sound great)
Not worth it. Maybe the semi hollow one, it looks nice, but seriously, there are many more guitars in that price range that are well worth the money.
I have a singlecut se. I liked the tone more than an epi lp, but I went through a couple of them before I found one I liked. The necks were kind of dry on a lot of them. I eventually found one I liked, stays in tune relatively well given the plastic nut, the switch is going but that's something I'd expect from most cheap guitars, and it's easy to fix.
I bought an Epi LP standard, then went back to Guitar Center about a week later (which was right after PRS released the custom se) so I decided to play it. I thought that, even though there isn't much to it, it sounded a lot better straight off the wall than the les pauls do. I had some work done on my les paul so I like it more than the SEs now, but if you are just looking for a good sounding guitar straight from the factory I think the PRS SEs are really good.