I'm having a very difficult time selling my guitar and amp, so I think I may just stick on to them for a while and make the best.

I'm thinking of buying pedals though.

How does a 5150 sound with a Tubescreamer for boost and EMGs?

I'm also in need of a tuner, noise gate (ISP Deci. mot likely), and some other nifty effects such as delay, flanger, and chorus perhaps.

I know my amp has enough gain, but it always seems to have too dark a sound and the gain can be fizzy. I really just want to tighten it up for crunchy chuggas, and then play around with effects once i get my tone right

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A tube change might be in order. Consider getting some new output tubes. Different preamp tubes can change alot of the color of your amp as well. Using lower gain tubes with higher gain settings often will yield a smoother sound. IMO.

If I use an EH 12ax7 in the phase inverter of my Carvin I get a deep low end but more buzzy distortion. When I put a JJECC83 in there it gets more of a growly plexi sound. Which I prefer.

Do some reading about tubes and what the different types do. You can change out preamp tubes without a professional rebias and the results are often dramatic. If you have the cash I suggest that you try out different tubes in different positions in your amp. Just using a mix of 12ax7's and ECC83 and ECC83S' might just give you what you want. Without selling your amp.
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Gt-od + 5150 = Ftw
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Well, I know that when I received my amp from the guy who I bought it from back in August, he had replaced the power tubes with JJ6L6s that had about 30 mins play time on them.

After inspecting the back, i think the 12ax7 tubes are stock (they have a Made in .... labeled on them; i cant see where theyre made, probably China)

ESP EC-1000 *Vintage Black*
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Orange PPC212-OB

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I'd definitely get an OD. Though I didn't try it when I had mine, I know A LOT of people who can't use a 5150 without an OD because they don't like the tone otherwise.
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I love my 6505 and the two best overdrives I've used (and I've tried MANY) are the Maxon OD808 and the Fulltone OCD. They both work GREAT with the 5150/6505's. I really like the OCD because it give you a "Marshallesque" growl/barking sustain that you would never otherwise get with a 6L6 based amp. It has to be heard to be believed.
You got to have a noise gate man. ISP is the bst atleast get an ns-2 if you don't get that. Some people here will say you don't need one but boosting a 5150 with an OD pedal I don't see how some people don't get a **** load of feedback.
Have you tried a speaker change? a set of vintage 30 will really change the amps tone.
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I personally love my 5150's tone without an OD or distortion.. I use the lead channel with a 5 gain, and I switch around with EQs..
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Yeah im not sure why anyone would use a distortion with a 5150! But I know some people do. THE OD pedal though drives the tubes and makes it sound better. Although I used to prefer it organic without it. I plugged back into my od one day and was like damn this is pretty bad ass.
Yea, the OD is preference, a lot of people love it, I don't find myself needing one but I want one. It's useful for boosting the rhythm channel to get a nicer gain in my opinion.

As for effects, they work fine, everything bar the OD goes in the FX loop and it sounds fine, I've got a delay, reverb and flanger in there at the moment.
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Get a tubescreamer and Noise gate of some kind.

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An OD or EQ pedal will help you, and try some lower gain tubes in your preamp.


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