i cant seem to find a rad case that fits a head, eq, compress/gate and tuner

so i guess im looking for a case for a stand alone head and 3 spaces ive saw them live before but i cant find them

but my eq is a lil bigger so you think i will need 2 spaces for it?

my gear:
peavey 6505+ /4x12 cab

(just ordered)
2215 Dual 15-Band Graphic Equalizer
266XL Compressor/Gate
Korg DTR -2000

*also if you think i need anything else in the setup feel free
Search for "Head rack case" on google. Theres lots of places around the US that makes them. Get more spaces than you need at the moment, you'll want more in the future. Also get a few roadies.
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Get more spaces than you need at the moment, you'll want more in the future. Also get a few roadies.

i think that will be all i need i dont plan on going fully into the rack thing i enjoy my 6505+ soo much but i have to ask if i were to get more what else would i need? i dont need a pre/power amp thats what the head is for

a power source?

and thanks thats exactly what i wanted i even found one with a photo with a 5150 and rackmount stuff
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You could have something like a TC electronics G major.

half of the stuff that that thing does i can ether do with my guitar or is already being done with the gear that i have
the only thing i like about it is the phaser but i wouldnt need it i just prefer to have a big gainy fat lead tone, a rugged/fatt-ish rhythem tone and really clean clean
so i finally got my rack gear in and b4 i order my case i have one last question

im thinking i need a power source so i can just plug all my rack effects and head in to one place also so i know how many rack slots i will need in my case

is this needed? that thing will be like 5 tons but i see alot of racks with them is it just for having proper voltage for all the gear or is it more for ease of plug and play?
oh and suggestions on a good one if you know of any
You should try Castle Cases if you're in the UK. They'll make anything you want, are very reasonably priced, and extremely high-quality. Very nice guys too. Here's the one they built me:

EDIT: Damn, I see you're not in the states, your Location threw me off
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For power conditioners, you want a furman. Also, it means you only have one power cable running into your rack, instead of one for each piece of gear. Its much tidier.

Also try things like reverb and delays if you want more gear.

No matter what, you will always want more space, so buy slightly bigger than you need at the moment. You could always put drawers in it and have some storage space.

Youll need cables to connect all this up too.
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furman.. hmm i was reading alot of bad reviews can you give me a model?
i looked at alot of pro racks and alot had the alesis

i have all of that stuff (cables ect) and i really dont think i want to expand beyond that i just want my clean, rhythem and lead fat tones no other effects i had thought about delay and if i want that ill jsut get a pedal i dont want a rack delay even if its way better for what id use delay for i wouldnt need anything special

and the case im geting from affordable cases its all custom like the place you said but im glad i didnt order that one yet i just got an offer for my 6505+ and am picking up a Dual Rect again i would have liked to keep the 6505 and have a dbl head case sighh we can dream
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You should try

Dude, that thing is epic.
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get one with a light module and possibly a meter

why i wanted a Alesis but dude seems to think thats a bad idea

give me a model to look at

and as for the roadies screw that one word CASTERS
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If you do have stairs, fix a pair of skis to the back of it.

and ride it down the stairs while your at it the case is going to be indestructable right?