Can I live in your house, and have your job please?
I am actually being serious here, ...yeah, I know.

See the thing is I live in Milton Keynes, and after I'd finished up at college I did get a little job. Then my Aunt phone's me up and says I should come stay with her for a few weeks, up in her olde country home, a holiday =)

So, off I go, and I had a bit of a laugh (cleaning up horse poo).

...here's the kicker, I'm set to come home from my "holiday" and it turns out my stepdad's lost his job and my mum's keeping the house going on £4 an hour.

So I can't come home.


So, pit, suggestions?

I know they're gonna be stoopid, but they'll cheer me up at least =D

inb4 raep, songs involving suspiciously red ejaculation, and icyhot.
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Get a job.

Find place to rent.
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You really want to live with someone from the Pit???

I think your only option is to move out home and either get a job or sign on, surely since your stepdad is out of work he'll be signing on himself. Along with what your mother is making ye should do fine.

Either that or stay with your aunt longer and beg for a wage for cleaning that horse crap.
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Either stay with your aunt, or a get a job at home and help out with the rent.

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Either that or stay with your aunt longer and beg for a wage for cleaning that horse crap.

My aunt does owe me a tenner...


Live with someone from the pit? Probably, no. Especially not Guitardude19.
I prank called him once and if he finds out it was me he'll call me names.

...don't worry UG, I'll find a way!
(Not that you do worry... but y'know.)

(No, guess y'don't know. Neither do I really.)

Did I mention my mum has two houses? She's a bit silly.

Jaccuzi, pond...
...rabbits, chickens, two dogs...
...she's a mother of seven, mad.

Only a five bedroom house though, seven if you include the second one, that is actually in the garden... wierd place for a whole house, really.

...I should make a poll really, should I break into my own house and steal all the crap they clearly can't afford, and say the insurance claim they'd be entitled to was my christmas present this year?