http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/903067366.html 5150
http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/920829475.html A carvin I would check out too.

Edit: There is more, but I just grabbed the first two that seemed to be a fit. Usually the better metal amps have higher wattage than 15-30 watts. Unless you're playing mostly old school metal, early Metallica etc.
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krank rev jr.

it will blow you away!

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Quote by a7xrocks02
is a used mesa express 5:25 good?

It's a good amp, depends on what they are asking though.
Its a decent amp, especially on the used market. They are overpriced on the new. How much are you getting it for? And what type of metal are we talking about here? The other guitarist in my band has the 5:50, it can get great Mesa tones, its kinda somewhere between the Recto and the Mark series like it's big brother the F series (big statement I know, but its relatively true).

Anyway, I would say try before you buy. If not, a Randall RG50TC is a great second choice, then I would go for the B-52.
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