I got a guy from craigslist wanting to trade me his Marshall Jcm 800 2205 (two channel 50 watt) head for my Randall MTS RM50S (50 watt 1x12 combo). I do love me some Marshall crunch, but I fear it's not versitile enough for me. That's the reason I love the Randall. I can switch out models to egt the desired tone I need. However, i prefer to have a head. I read reviews on that JCM model and some are good, some are bad. What's your exp with it? The downfall to this amp from what I hear is it's not a channel switching amp. I need the ability to switch back and forth from a usuable clean to a killer distortion. I can work with lifeless cleans by adding efx to it and eqing it.

I use an ESP LTD Deluxe EC1000 w/ EMG 81/60 and numerous efx pedals.

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Personally, I would and I think it's worth it. I happen to love the 2205 and it's tone falls right into what I generally do, but that's not to say that it will necessarily work for you. All of the 800's (even the single channel versions) are quite versatile, more so than a lot of people would like to think. The 2205 is the two channel version: it's distortion is usually not quite on par with the 2203 and 2204 due to the nature of a two channel design but is certainly still pretty darn good, the cleans are better than average.
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I used to rock out with a JTM60 and was able to get close to the tone I wanted. I needed a lil more gain, but it was close. I have a Peavey XXX (for now) for some higher gain metal stuff.
If you're able to crank it quite frequently, I'd go for it. The 800s are great sounding amps, but only if you're able to really blast those things imo.
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do it, great amp for anything from blues to most heavy metal.

you should wait for a 900 if you play more modern stuff though
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Would I be able to reach a modern rock sound using a JCM800, XXX and a Crate Blue Voodo (which I may trade an old guitar for. these any good?)
If you really want versatility, I wouldn't.

JCM's are great amps, but they really don't afford the capabilities of the MTS series of amps.

A 2205 would nail Audioslave, though.