Ok, so i've been playing guitar about 7 months and have just recently purchased a multi effects pedal. It's the Zoom G2.1u and when i played it through the amp in the store it sounded great. I get home to find that my amp sucks the life out of anything sounding remotely good through it...

I'm the first to admit i made two big mistakes here. Firstly, i have a Marshall MG15CDR. Please don't go on about how it sucks. I know. I get it. I was suckered into buying it as i was a noob at guitar. Secondly, the amp i tried in the shop wasn't a Marshall.

Anyway, this isn't a thread about my mistakes, i just want to know if there's anything i can do to get a good sound?? I've been fiddling around with it for ages and am getting nowhere. Any help greatly appreciated.
So basically you're saying "I have a bad sound, help me."
It would be handy if you'd record some stuff (with and without the pedal etc) and let us hear that. I think that we would be better able to help you
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Oh you're good.