This song's name came from the drums in the second and third chorus. I thought they sounded like forks and spoons falling everywhere, so i named my song after that. During the Re-Intros, there is supposed to be speaking to help the build up. FYI, the static in the Re-Intro is supposed to be there, i somehow used a guitar tone for the drums and it came out with that, which i thought was kinda cool. In the MiDi, its just the drums getting louder and louder. Either way, both help the build up into the chorus.

Crit for crit, and be honest.

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the keyboard solo doesnt fit very well its too happy and out of place the rest is good though.now comment my song its on my profile
dude, i can say, i love the effect you got out of the drums.

i think you should majorly rework or scrap the keyboard solo.

its just out of place. and use a rhodes instead of a grand piano.

also stay in key. i think it will make it sound alot better.

it was pretty good until that part though.


edit: remove the palm muting in the intro! let that rhythm guitar burst out! after that effect, it needs it!

last edit: wheres the bass!?
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That was a very good song, as others have said. I also agree that the Keyboard solo should be cut out; it just changed the whole mood of the song in my opinion. Other than that, I thought it was a very good song, would love it if you added some bass to it, though.
First off, thanks for the crit Now...

HOLY CRAP DUDE! That was awesome!

My only suggestion has already been taken, lol--look into that keyboard solo. It seemed out of place in a lot of ways.

And that drum effect at 116.... I was like, "WHAT THE HECK IS MAKING THAT SOUND???" and looking at every single one of the tracks. Then finally I realized something was up with the drums. That was cool!

Great job on this!
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I LOVE the dynamics, and the "Re-intros", love em.... can I ask who/what your favorite artists are? Also, what inspired and influenced this song as well as your other comps?
Thanks for your time! : )