hi there,

since i changed my FR guitar tuning to D Standard, ive been noticing some fret buzz in a couple of strings, the solution to that is to raise the action of the strings right?

and ... is the only way to do it through the truss rod? :S

well you should just use a slightly heavier gauge string set, buzzing is occuring because your strings lack tension and rattle about creating fret buzz, i recomend 11-50's for d standard (thats what alexi from children of bodom uses for d standard and he's a pro).
ok..... you should make sure you adjusted the spring tension on your Floyd. make sure it is parallel to the body..... then if you still have a problem you should check your truss rod adjustment...

Im not at home now so I cant give you a link to a site for that but it is fairly easy to do just google it... and once that is done if you still have buzz you can adjust the action...

Though that adjustment is made by moving the bridge up.... not by the truss rod... All the truss rod is for it to adjust the bow in the neck to move the bridge up on a FR there should be two hex bolts where the Floyd mounts to the body you should be able to turn those to adjust the action
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there's a floyd setup thread at the top of the page.

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