Ya know? Like the music that bards and minstrels played on lutes? That stuff almost interested me becase it had such a peculiar and awesome sound. Does anyone know where i can locate some works from these times or music for it? Thanks
I think some songs by blind guardian sound like that
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Blackmore's Night: Everyone's favourite strat destroying 70s wildman become mediaeval lute abuser. A fall from grace?
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The only ones I know of are under Alfonso X's name (13th century Spanish King). Don't know where you can buy them but no doubt they pop up on ebay and videos on youtube. There's probably quite a big following for this kind of thing (due to those Medieval events/weekends) so a lot more bands trying to replicate the style.

EDIT: Infact, good ol' RYM - http://rateyourmusic.com/genre/Medieval+Music/
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When you talk about Dark Age music, thing Gregorian chant. Secular music using lutes and such didn't come around until the late Middle Ages
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Madrigals are choral, minstrels wouldn't play them on the lute, etc. Also they are from the Rennassaince.

Oh, sorry. it's been a while since I did any studying of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. thanks for the correction.
I think Greensleeves is the only Medieval piece of music I can think of. It's the one from the Blackadder II credits

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