Hey guys,

I am currently practicing sweep picking and looking for a little help using a metronome for it. I recently got over the learning curves of the basic technique of it all (2 months ago) and i think i reached my speed limit currently with not using a metronome, by slow muscle memory and continuation of shapes.

One person when i come to mind as a good sweep picker, or has a good technique is Marty Friedman. And im slowly emulating his style because i think it's the best for what i want to do.

The problem i find with sweeping with a metronome is i lose track with the beat, with normal alt picking training i pick by quarter notes, eighth notes, sixtenths etc. With sweeping i just don't know where to start (with a basic 5 string sweep as an example).(or 5 string lick with a pull off/hammer on, on the high e string )

If anyone has any tips/licks on sweeping or can help me with this little problem it would be really cool.
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use power tabs and tab the sweep patterns

i write sweeps in 8th note triplet, 16th nots and 16th note triplets and rarley 32nd notes

there you can screw around with the tempo and time sigs.
Personally I just turn the metronome up until every beat syncs with the note I'm playing.

I'm new to this as well, I started at 144 bpm two weeks ago.

Currently at 180 bpm, but for sweep picking thats still slow. Welcome to the skill grind, its sooo worth it
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Thank you, that thread really helped and i think it will help alot of people