Not sure what to critique. The riff/rhythms are fine but that's just it, there's nothing else. Your tone is pretty good, did you mic up your amp or did you use software? It sounds very live and strong, though not fizzy or boomy. I'd like to hear this in an actual song, or at least with a melody over it.

Kind of off topic but: are you really gonna post a two riff song than say "that's all folks" "due to laziness?" If you want a useful critique give us something to think about.
The thing is, I just wanted some feedback on whether the riffs sound alright. I don't have an ear for lead; and the guy I've been jamming with (drums) lives 3 hours away now. So, I was basically checking to see if the tone was decent enough, the riffs were catchy or whatever so the next time he and I get together it might be something we mess around with and have him put some drums behind. etc.

I lined in the amp to audacity for recording.