OK here is what I have going on. I currently own a LTD QC series and Epiphone ZW Bullseye. I am looking for a new axe, actually looking at the KH-602 Jackson Dinky MG, Schecter Damien and Hellrazor FR's. Also not a huge fan of Ibanez but I am open to suggestions. I saw that the George Lynch ESP have a 45mm nut width but a little more than I want to spend. Looking in the $400-$1000 range(No where locally to actually play all of these.) So here is my question. I have larger hands and the issues that I have with my current guitars are the following. The EC neck is not tall enough feels like a am choking a chicken and I have a tuff time getting the chords to sound clear and clean. The ZW is better but the neck is to thick. Feels like a fat baseball bat.

So having said that I am looking for a thin profile that is taller allowing for less accurate placement of the finger tips on chords. Looking for a little more space between the strings if that is possible. I hope that this makes sense...

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