Okay so a while ago now i spilled water on my ipod and i thought it was f*cked. Wouldnt do sh*t for days. Then today i decided ill try and fix it by plugging it into the computer. SUCCESS The ipod comes up saying "very low battery, please wait" So i let it wait but its not doing anything. Its totally stuck on that screen. Help pit?
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wait like it asked you to, where are your manners
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wait like it asked you to, where are your manners

Funnily enough this is the correct solution.
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wait like it asked you to, where are your manners

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reset it? or wait for a few hours maybe?
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thanks for the compliment man!
Yeah I just left mine for ages and it sorted itself out, but then I dropped it on the floor and the screen cracked so I ended up buying a new one lol.
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