For my Mom

First draft, only written. CRC

Never been so terrified of the words I write
Twice I seen REM happen behind your eyes
Anything just so they won't shrink a photograph of you
And send it in the post in an envelope to everyone you knew

With words on the left
Of how you've just slipped into the next room
And how we'll all be together someday soon
But they don't know that soon could be too many years
They have to say it just to lighten up the colors of all the black suits

I'd like to say I was with you both day and night
But truth be told I wouldn't drag words through
The phone cause you wouldn't recognize my voice
How selfish can I get how selfish can I get

And now I have
A dust collector with a picture of you in my room
The words in bold italics just to set the mood
But I've searched every next room
And still no sign of you
nice! but i don't get the title
Eat this, today's music-lovers!
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A lot of music isn't really going anywhere. There are tons of fans in here going 'oh my god, <> is evolving so much and <> is so shit lol!' but tons of it is just recycled material and tired ideas.
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nice! but i don't get the title

yeah I know it's just random, I haven't picked a proper title yet lol
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Don't capitalize the first letter of each line, makes it hard to appreciate the line breaks and read it as smoothly as we should.

This is a viewpoint that many modern poets do not adhere to, probably more shun this idea than who follow it. I would argue the opposite in the the capitalization emphasizes each line and therefore the line break moreso than if you would leave it off. I believe its just a movement in an attempt to break off from "classic" poetry in a place where we don't have to.

Basically, it's up to authorial digression. In this case, I would say it would be idiotic to get rid of the capitals, but that's just me.