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What are your favourite album titles? Not necesarrily records you love, but titles that made you think "I wish i'd thought of that."


Get Behind Me Satan - The White Stripes


Do You Like Rock Music? - British Sea Power
Ever wonder what rock would have sounded like in 2010 if grunge hadn't made it cool to be stupid?

The Three Aces
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Mostly Megadeth ones, Like Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?, So Far, So Good, So What! United Abominations and others in the same vein.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
take off your pants and jacket - blink-182
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My G string keeps slipping when i bend it.
Any suggestions?
Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness - Coheed & Cambria
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one dream of mine is to play baroque and roll.

i dont quite know what it is, but i assume it involves plenty of harpsichord solos and medieval chanting.

Birth of the Cool- Miles Davis
Fold Your Hands, Child, You Walk Like A Peasant- Belle & Sebastian
Des Visages Des Figures- Noir Désir
Songs in A&E- Spiritualized
Strangeways, Here We Come- The Smiths
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I think Ziltoid the omniscient has to be there.
as well as Heavy as a really heavy thing, and last days of humanity's The Sounds Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin
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all the nightwish ones. they sound pretty cool
black holes and revelations, origin of symmetry (muse)
To Record Only Water for Ten Days - John Frusciante
Hooray for Boobies - Bloodhound Gang
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Kidding, they hate you and want you to be miserable.

Also, Charmander.
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so wait... does PETA think all gay people are vegans?
'We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong' - Tragedy!
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"In Sorte Diaboli"

So catchy...
Sunn O))):
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Edward the Great - Iron Maiden
Oh Yeah Motherfucker! - Kalashnikov
The Very Beast of Dio - Dio
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"In Sorte Diaboli"

So catchy...

I really like all of Dimmu Borgir's album titles. They are fun to say.

Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Spiritual Black Dimensions
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Death Cult Armageddon
Get Behind Me Satan
In Colour
A Crow Left of the Murder
Final Straw
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Ahh the pit. Where conversations of Pokemon Cards can turn into ones of wizard homosexuality

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40oz to Freedom - Sublime
Robbin' The Hood - Sublime
License to Ill - Beastie Boys
Freaky Styley - RHCP
Sex Sells...but who's paying? - Lapidate
Uplift Mofo Party Plan- RHCP
Robbin' the hood- Sublime.
Frizzle Fry- Primus.
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i made the exact same thread a few eeks ago but it sort of died.

oh well,

phuq- the wildhearts,

beat the bastards- the exploited,

inferno- motörhead
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Zoom - ELO


All Coheed & Cambria.

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Scenes from a memory - Dream Theater
Train Of Thought - Dream Theater
Erotic Cakes - Guthrie Govan
pretty much all of megadeth's
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My Arms, Your Hearse - Opeth
Frail Words Collapse - As I Lay Dying
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant - Dimmu Borgir
Use Your Illusion - Guns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction - Guns N' Roses
Far Beyond Driven - Pantera
Hangover Music, Vol. VI - Black Label Society
The Crucible of Man - Iced Earth
Versus the World - Amon Amarth
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (If Light Takes Us) - Burzum
Twilight of the Gods - Bathory
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
So far, so good, so what? - Megadeth
Cex Cells - Blaqk Audio
Turn on the bright lights - Interpol
E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals - The Matches
Hullabaloo - Muse
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - MCR
Good News For People Who Love Bad News - Modest Mouse
Building Nothing Out Of Something - Modest Mouse
You'll Rebel to Anything (As Long As It's Not Challenging) - Mindless Self Indulgence
We're Not Happy Till You're Not Happy - Reel Big Fish
I started out with nothin' and I still got most of it left - Seasick Steve

Songs for the deaf - Queens of the Stone Age
I'm No. 1 So Why Try Harder? - Fatboy Slim

Particularly the bold ones
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Smell the Glove.

I was looking through the first few wondering when that would appear.
electrosonic- delia derbyshire

sums it up pretty well. great music to
Karma - Kamelot
Ghost Opera - Kamelot
Tinnitus Sancticus - Edguy
The Scarecrow - Avantasia
Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf
Appetite for Destruction - Guns
Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
Reel Big Fish, Coheed & Cambria all have funny albums, "Everything Sucks" is pretty classic.
Ride The Lightning! How has noone said that yet? it just sounds so fukken cool.

RIDE and LIGHTNING in the same title? pfft.
This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For
Bring Me The Horizon
NoFX always have funny album titles. White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean, Pump Up the Valium, Goodbye and Thanks For the Shoes, Heavy Petting Zoo, and I Hear They Suck Live.
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This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For
Bring Me The Horizon


...And Justice For All
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
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