What is the deal with these guys? My buddy just kind of turned them on to me as he knows my love for Three Inches of Blood. Their sound is kind of similer to 3IOB but not the same. I got their latest album which isn't bad, how is the rest of their stuff?
the pevious scattering in ashes ablum is i think better then the new one its a lot heavier
I listen to Buried In Oblivion a lot the year it came out, but have only heard a little bit recently, I think Buried In Oblivion is their best work.
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The Scattering of Ashes is their best imho, followed by the more popular around these parts Buried in Oblivion. I need to listen to their newest more but from what I've heard I'm sadly not too impressed. And avoid Dead or Dreaming as it's hampered by too many core elements.

Also, there is indeed an Into Eternity thread already.
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