I haven't been able to find any Hellraisers in shops around here (Southampton, UK), but I don't want to order one only to find out I don't like the thickness of the neck.
What (common) guitar could I try to try to get a feel of the thickness of the Hellraiser C-7 FR neck? I've already played a Revenger 7 and thought the neck was good, but supposedly the Hellraiser's neck is thicker.
I've heard some Epis and Gibsons have a similar or slightly thicker neck. I've got an Ibanez RG and a Strat clone, the Ibanez is obviously thinner, but what about the Strat?
Obviously a 7-string neck is going to be wider than a 6-string, that I'm OK with, I'd just like to know the general feel.

i wondered the exact same thing, but looking for a loomis 7. I think loomis models and hellraisers are pretty much the same, so i was told its more like a gibson neck. Kinda sucks that in the uk nowhere sells schecters, nevermind 7 string ones doesnt it
Hey Im near Soton UK!

I doubt you will find a C7 Hellraiser in any shops in England, barely any dealers, you have to just order one in and hope for the best, but cause no 1 stocks them if you dont like it you can sell it right away for basically the same price.

But it is suppose to be a thick neck...

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It's not Les Paul thick, it's about as thick as a Strat neck (except it's a 7).
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It's not Les Paul thick, it's about as thick as a Strat neck (except it's a 7).

Awesome, I'm fine with Strat neck thickness. Thankfully the radius is considerably larger/flatter on the Schecter - that's the only thing that I don't really like about Strat necks.

Thanks everyone