This isn't my guitar but my brothers , its a peavey jf-1 , hollow body electric guitar.


I heard some rattling so i removed the cover for the output jack (like on the epi dot) and it was the nut for the jack that was rattling. But the nut fell off and now i cant put it back on since there is no back of the guitar and i cant take out the full output jack just the bit to plug the cable into , if you know what i mean.

I can only see a part of tyhe output jack and i cant tighten the nut onto it because the jack will twist.

Should i take it back? Or is there a way to fix>?
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techs have ways of getting those fixed, usually using a wire. it only took my local tech about 2 minutes to finish the job completely. now of course to someone who has never seen it done, the idea of the input on a hollow body falling into the body usually seems like an impossible or difficult fix...i know i did once lol.
its not getting the jack thats the problem, its keeping the jack in-place while i tighten the nut of it. It either falls into the guitar or twists with the nut.
Epiphone G-400 Cherry Red
Vox Ad50VT
I have a few tools I made for this problem some with jacks ends soldered to metal rod and wires to 1/4" dowels . Once you get the jack in the hole use a piece of coat hanger wire bent with a hook at the end that justs fits inside the jack. Once you get the jack back in the hole used the wire to hold it in place then you just slide the nut over the wire and tighten it.
also add a locking washer under the nut.

hold the jack as good as you can from the outside while tightening it, use pliers to hold it if you can.

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