Hey guys, I play in a 4 piece christian/hardcore band and we need some synth stuff. Thing is, none of us know a thing about keys, synthesizers and effects. I have my grade 8 piano, but i don't know what I need to buy to start doing some cool effects. Essentially what we want is to be able to have some string sounds, and be able to play back effects like the one Underoath does at the beginning of "In Regards To Myself" with the film sound. Can you suggest some stuff to by, or at least a forum for synth players?
I'm kinda in the same situation you are...
I can't do vocals, so I use a talkbox and a keyboard.

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Do you want to use live synths, or are you happy with using software synthesisers on your recordings?
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There are tonnes of super easy, digital modelling synths nowadays that sound awesome, especially for strings and those kinds of things. You hardly need any knowledge anymore for simple sounds, especially when just about everything that it sounds like you need is probably included as a preset. As you start to practice and work at it, then it opens up even further and you can fool around alot and come up with some awesome stuff.

The microKorg will always be my digital synth of choice. Big sounding synth in a small package, I've even started to notice alot of big bands using these live. They're moderately priced, not cheap but not expensive. I'm sure there is cheaper options out there but you'll probably get a cheaper sound.
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the microkorg is pretty good. i found my fave synth(casio ck500) at a junk market for £30
I'm totally cool with having a a live midi setu p and hooking up to my laptop as well, i just need to know exactly how to do that.
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Just decided to have a look through youtube at the microkorgs. Check out the comments


pistolsnviolets - i dont get it how do u tune a synth?
tyvb - Same way you tuna fish

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