Ok so i'm browsing through my local pawnshop last weekend and noticed a Washburn in the back. It has a telecaster shaped body, carved top, and what appears to be a Kahler locking tremolo. I can't find any info on these guitars anywhere. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure but Washburns are the shit

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Hey guys thanx for the responses, i didn't buy the guitar, i'm just making sure its legit b4 i do. Its got a lot of paint chips in it, but i want a project guitar. They only want $150 for it
take the serial number down and check it out online

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does it look like a WI36 with a trem ?
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Quote by mikeyElite
does it look like a WI36 with a trem ?

Is that part of the Idol series? this guitar doesn't look anything like that.
no, it looks similar to the schecter pt blackjack that has been discontinued to give u an idea. No pickguard, almost exactly a tele shape. Thanx again for all the responses.
that one is very similar, this one didn't have the red binding tho. Is that model listed anywhere?
the one in that picture is called a washburn tour 24 i think.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Yes that is it, they were only made for one year. Customer service at washburn just responded to my question. Thanx a lot for the help