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6 16%
17 45%
1 3%
14 37%
Voters: 38.
Hm, try to be more vague.
Say what....
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i voted NO. the capitals make me cool
Sure..why not.


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yeah, try to put just a little less detail into your threads. I understand too much.
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Hm, try to be more vague.

_ _ _ Help any?
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http://cnkpromos.com/ ?

I'm not but it sure does sound like an exciting, forward thinking company that cares about it's internal and external customers!
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Shall I wait for this one to be closed and post in the one that you make on the exact same topic, 5 minutes later?
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"He loll'ed at me"

... I don't remember that. Anyway I went for 'no' because i'm pretty sure I haven't.
I voted no, not NO. Because I'm not entirely against the idea, I juist have no idea what the idea is.
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