Intense, high enegery, groove rock band with a heavy bass influence seeks grooving guitarist.

Must be a driven, creative, solid player with chops and ability to groove. Age range: 24-36. Must have stage presence, energy, experience in front of a crowd and a professional attitude. Willingness and ability to learn existing songs and collaborate on new material. Rehearsals weekly, somtimes daily, 100% commitment, No drug users, alcoholics ego maniacs, Must be a team player, be willing to work hard musically and promotionally to want to make this position their own. Also must have transportation.

Currently, the band has about 22 to 25 songs finished and is working on another 20 songs. The ability to collaborate on future material is important.

The band has a lot of positive opportunities going on. Radio & podcast play, out of state gigs, lots of recording and writing, etc. You can find out more info by checking out Woodfish on iTunes or www.woodfishmusic.com and www.myspace/woodfish you can also google search Woodfish and find tons of stuff on the ban
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