hey. i just bought two pedals- boss ds-2 and ibanez ds7. boss works great, but i have problem with ibanez. it doesn't work with battery. i tried it with adapter, it worked fine. could someone help me?

ps. battery is new.
when you tried it with a battery, did you have it hooked up to at least one patch chord?


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yes, wires were plugged in. but it also works if chords aren't plugged in. the led blinks if i press pedal. that's how it was with adapter.
The LED on the DS7 blinks when it's not connected to anything?

Maybe the battery's dead. I'm just not exactly sure what's wrong here...
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no, the battery is new. it works on ds-2. and yes, its weird. i don't know other pedal that does like that.

i plugged battery through adapter jack in it worked ok. maybe somethings wrong with chord that goes from battery connector to pedal circuit plate.
i readed pedal instruction, and there was said that if pedal takes power from adapter, power supply is always on. but if you use battery, power supply is turned on trough input jack (like most stompboxes). maybe there's some kind of switch in input jack and its worn out. i like that pedal. need to fix it somehow. i'm not really good at electronics.