im looking for a cab and head for my bass guitar. I play a four string jazz bass in cgcf tunning and would like that clean low sound but the music i play is fast pace. I run a gallien kruger 8x10 with a gallien kruger 300watt head.. looking for something that can keep up without the mud. ive tried everything and just gonna get a new setup
Do you want acombo or a new cab. Is it the backline gaillien kruger , they arent great Maybe a 4x10 and a 2x12 mught suit you better.
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A 410 and either a 212 or a 115 seems like it'd to just fine for you. The 115 would be a lot easier to find.
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I like the 1x15 and 2x10.

I run a 1x15 combo with a 2x10 cab.
Nice full lows, but you still get the highs.

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yeah its the backline series pile of junk, but decent for the money i had at the time
well, Check out a 1x15 and a 2x12?

and for the head, Mark Bass have some pretty good clean low handling capabilities.

If I ever earn enough money, I'll bi-amp with a Mark Bass kind of quieter to hold my lows
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thanks for the requests! what you guys think of brands i know ZaccB said Mark Bass for a head which ive heard good things about but what should i go for and avoid?