im struggling between the jackson dk2m with maple neck and seymour dancan cant
member which 1's and the jackson dkmg with emg's which do u guys prefer i like to play heavy rock and metal(trivium, atr, metallica ect) cherrz
I've got the DKMG and personally prefer that, although the DK2M is probably slightly more versitle, the standard DK2 is good with its mitxture of humbucker and single coils.

But personally I prefer the DKMG
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Quote by yoyodunno
Yeah the bengal paintjobs are sick, i wish that it didn't have emgs tho.


I had a little search and found out you can also get the DK2M yellow bengal with Seymour Duncans and I also saw a blue bengal DK2M with HSS!!!
get a trans black arch top dkmg
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