OK so heres the scoop, i have a fender american standard strat, and i wanted to lock down the bridge with 5 springs, and i had an old washburn sittin around so i took 2 springs from it, but those 2 springs were too tight so i had to really pull them hard to get them on, and when the bridge was pulled down i had fret buzz so i decided to leave the bridge floating for now. BUT when i took off the springs, retuned my guitar and everything i tried playing with a loop pedal i have, adn found my solos to be totally off. it was weird becaseu the guitar would play in tune when i played open chords, but the farther down the neck i went, the high e string would become more and more out of tune. i then decided hey it must be my intonation, so i checked that, and ive screwed the saddle as far away from the bridge as i can, and my high e is still not close to having good intonation. Help please!
well i havent taken any parts off. i think i may end up having to do that