what i want to do is add another potentiometer to my ibanez and have 3 volumes no tones. the configuration is hsh. any ideas on how i would wire this? a diagram would be great.

btw the original configuration is hsh, master vol, master tone, 5 way switch
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Im not sure, i guess you should wait for an expert on this but I don't feel like making a diagram now, (gotta go to school) so without looking it up i'm guessing take a wire off the humbucker (which one?) and solder it to one lug on the switch and then to its volume pot, then the single coil to the switch and to the volume and the same for the humbucker, ground all pickups and the switch and the jack, a wire should go from the switch to the jack.

Don't follow this unless someone else seconds it (which I doubt because I haven't looked up on it)