okay so i just payed a 25 dollar layaway fee on the most greatest sounding teles ever haha
its a mexican 1996era tele (the website says its from 1996)
It has like almost a glossy finish on the neck and fretboard and has SD pups in the neck and bridge
the body is red with white pick guard and the inlays are black dots
the bridge is the 3 piece vintage type and the "Fender" logo is just solid black
there are no body scratches, dings or dents anywhere and its on sale for $219.99 usd

anyone have any experience with these?
I played it and it sounds better than a new Fender MIM standard
what do you guys think of it?

If it plays well and sounds as good as you describe it then 220 is pretty much a steal. Just check if the hardware is still okay and how bad the fret wear is. More often than not a ten year old guitar will have still okay frets, but it depends on how much it has been played, of course, so take a closer look. It's just that getting it refretted would double your expenses.