How much does UG think I could from a local guitar store (or Ebay or Craigslist) for my Ibanez AS73G?

Archtop Semi-hollow guitar (two f-hole cutaways)
Black with Creme trim
Gold Hardware (stock)
2 tone and 2 volume controls
22 Large frets
Maple Top, sides, and back
Mahogany neck
Bound Rosewood Fretboard
ART1 Bridge
ACH (Artcore Ceramic Humbucker) ACH1 bridge, ACH2 neck
Pearl dot inlays
Set-in neck

Guitar is in excellent condition besides the expected signs of use (ridiculously small scratches that don't harm paint due to pick scrapes, gig bag, clothing).
Good for literally anything up to Metallica (through the right amp ). Nice thick tone, with a good amount of sustain.

Included on the guitar is a set of DR Tite-fit strings (10-50) and a Dimarzio Clip-lock Strap.

*I am going either later tonight, or later this week to get it appraised by them, but I want some estimates from what UG thinks... but I AM getting it appraised.
**Sorry no pictures, my printer isn't working right, and as of now...that's the only way to get pictures on the computer.
***Last time I tried to sell it, I went for $215 OBO

My guess is $220?
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don't sell guitars to guitar shops. you can get a better price by advertising elsewhere... or just sell it to a friend

I have tried that numerous times, even posted on Craigslist, nobody wants to buy...and I'm not spending the extra money for shipping on Ebay. (I realize I can say 'pickup only' but the chances of anybody actually wanting to do that are slim to none).
Orrrrr, you can make the buyer pay for shipping.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
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Orrrrr, you can make the buyer pay for shipping.

Regardless, I still need something to base the price off of

I guess I overexemplified my first post... I really just need a price that seems reasonable for this guitar, incase the store asks what I want for it. I could sell it through ebay, but I'd still need something to base my price off of.

So, what do you think a good price for this guitar used is?