So it all began last year, in Grade 9, my first year of high school. Math class, I notice some girl who was extremely hot. She was in some other class that I switched out of, so w/e. Anyways, normal school year, eventually I end up sitting behind and beside her, helping her out and ****, cheating on tests. I eventually figured out that she was pretty dirty, as in, like, a slut, at least compared to how tame most of the other girls are. 2nd semester, I don't end up seeing her much, but some bad **** starts happening. Most people are cool with me, but a bunch of faggots just wouldn't quit with their name calling (lol you take it from rhinos). After I get a cheap shot from one of them to the face, I realized that they were this girls friends. Yeah, great. Over the summer nothing much happens.

Grade 10 now, yay. She was in my math class again, but sadly, left because it was too hard for her. Then I started failing math, and still am. All because of her? No idea. She's in another one of my classes, but really, I try seeing her at lunches or at her locker and stuff. Because of how much time I tried spending with her, most people think I'm creeping her. So **** is going as usual, I start getting to know her more, crazy wild drunken MSN convos and the like. I'm a pretty square guy, no drugs, barely drinks, virgin, etc. Anyways, from her wild rants I've gathered a few things:

1) She's had a ****load of boyfriends. Lots of girls bitch at her when they are dating her ex's.

2) She has supposedly only ****ed one guy, who I'm cool with, in a drunken threesome in which she had “no feelings toward him”.

A few weeks ago she's like “lets go to the mall” and I'm like “cool heres $40”. She took the $40, didn't give it back, didn't go to the mall. Yesterday, she hugged me cuz I gave her like $2 for food or something. Anyways, it was like a perfect oppurtunity to give her a nice spank in her tight spandex pants. Well, I guess that it wasn't the best thing to do, cuz she glared at me and was like “Never again.” Anyways, it didn't really affect “us” much, as she's the same as normal towards me. Today, I took out my swiss army knife to open my can of apple juice that I had bought (yeah, people looked at me funny), and pulled out the knife part. She was sitting on some other guys lap to do something on his computer (not sexual or implied or anything, she's just kinda like that). And he's like “woah man I don't wanna do anything be cool” and I'm like “oh, right, knife”.

I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and she was like “canon rebel xti”. $600, yeah. So then I'm like “I'll give you some money for it” and she's like “nooooo”. I guess she doesn't want to take my money.

Oh, I also bet ~$500 that I would **** her by the end of this year. To numerous people of course. Thing is, they went and told her. I'm not so much worried about the money, more or less the results. I don't think that offering her the bet money to **** me would work.

So here's the dilemma. I am crazy in love with this girl, and I think that she is the nicest, AND most beautiful person ever. No exceptions. Other guys say that she's hot and stuff, but not the hottest, but, different strokes for different folks I guess. Like, I am totally 100% whipped. I would die for her right now. Only problem is that she doesn't like me. Why? She has feelings for someone else (exact words). Even though she is genuinely amazingly nice, I have the suspicion that she treats me worse than pretty much everyone else. And as of just a few minutes ago, she won't even talk to me. Like, “Hey, how much money do you need for that camera?”, “do w/e you want”, “Whats wrong, what did I do?” “k”. Mhm. I was originally intending to write a huge epic post chronicling everything that is happening, but now I just want my question answered.

What do I do with a girl who, IMO, is the best looking and has the best personality out of everyone, yet doesn't like me?

P.S. She is not up for “taking random dicks”. I am up to wild solutions that are borderline immoral, but as long as I myself aren't in any state to differentiate.
I'm gonna be honest with ya, i didn't read a word of that.
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I'm gonna be honest with ya, i didn't read a word of that.

Pretty much what happened over here too.



Relationship thread, I'm guessing?

Ok, briefly skimmed through it.

She's a dirty ***** who wants your money, and you know it. How could you fall in love with her? She's not a beautiful and kind thing. She's obvious leaching off you.
K koo.

tl;dr: TS is just jealous he's the only person that hasn't got with the school bike.
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I'm gonna be honest with ya, i didn't read a word of that.
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