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I've seen and made a few "questions about car stereo/ amp'/ subs/ speakers" threads...

So this thread is to talk about

1, Questions about mobile sound
2, Song suggestions for mobile sound
3, {add something here if you want}

I think it would be beneficial to start with stating your system and asking questions/ making comments....so....

My system: JVC 200 watt head unit, 2 100 watt JBL LoudClear amplifiers, one 120 watt amp (I don't know the brand) and 2 12inch Rocksford Fosgate Punch series2 subs...

It sounds ok... but the box the subs are in is pretty bad, there are a lot of air leaks in it that I could fix....

My goal for the system wasn't to shake everyone's windows... just add a little extra kick to my music, hence the 100 watt amps...

Ask away
A piece of advice to everyone.


Yes they look good with there neon green and chrome red finishes but they are shocking and blow the hell up after serious savage bass.

Go for like 10" JBL's, Vibe or Fli for subs

Shake everyone's windows? what size Sub you going for?
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Jvc 250 watt head unit
Nitro BMW 1000 watt amp (4 channels)pushed through 4, 6X9's and 2, 3.5's
Another Nitro BMW (2 channels) pushed through 2, 10 inch subs.

All the speakers are Hi-Phonics. Cheap and very high quality IMO

Whit my bass all the way up, even I can't stand the vibrations, and its my car!!!
Panasonic 400 Watt head unit
Clarion 1000 Watt amp
Pioneer 150 watt Shallow Sub
100 Watt Eclipse Shallow 6x9's in the doors.

I have a hilux ute so thats why everything is shallow so it will all fit behind seats and in thin doors. The best part is i didn't pay a cent for any of it =)
^You mean 40 watt HU?

As for me I have a Pioneer (sucks) nav HU. It is currently dead in my dash. My highs/mids are all stock, but I have a 750 watt Kicker amp (benched at a little under 1000 watts) with a Resonant (sp) Engineering 12" SE in a ported box I built muhself. I told myself I was going to replace everything else, but I doubt that will happen.
Oh I guess I could share how mine is set up...

I took out the stock front and back speakers and put in 6.5 inch Panasonic speakers in front and 6.5 inch off brands in the back... They're set up 60 watts to the fronts 60 to the back through the 120 watter. I did that because the regular speaker outs on my HU are ****ed and make every speaker sound horrible...

I have the 100 watters connected to the 12's (100 watts per speaker) and thats about it....

Also, eventually when I get my car payed off, I'm gonna get 2 better 12 inchers (600 watts each) and a 1200 watt amp to power them